ESD Youth programme

Gaia Education at the cutting edge of sustainability education 

Do you need a partner for ESD Youth Programmes that facilitate regenerative futures? 

Together, let’s contribute to an emerging ESD Youth Community of Practice 

In allegiance with the European Youth Goal for a ‘Sustainable Green Europe,’ Gaia Education is working with a range of EU and other partners to create formal and informal ESD curricula, education materials and networks for youth. All Gaia Education curricula & educational materials build on our 4D curriculum, which considers social, economic, ecological and worldview dimensions of sustainability. They build the skills, attitudes and knowledge for young people to co-create regenerative futures. Gaia Education can provide ESD curricula and educational materials and / or co-create tailor made ESD Youth on & offline courses. 

Ongoing Gaia Education Youth Initiatives and Educational Materials include 

  • Gaia YES!: Creating a holistic curriculum, teacher handbook and digital learning platform for young learners to be piloted at GaiaKool (school) in Estonia, schools in the Netherlands and informal youth groups in Spain. 
  • YINT (Youth in Transition): Creating an accessible ESD curriculum & educational materials for hard to reach youth, including migrants & refugees in Sicily. The curriculum will promote sustainable lifestyle choices & engagement 

among young people to achieve a society with all young people environmentally active, educated & able to make a difference in their everyday lives. 

  • Youth SDG Flashcards: Used in the SDG Training of Multipliers, these cards invite participants to identify actions & solutions to implement the SDGs in ways that are relevant to their lives, schools and communities. The cards were developed in partnership with UNESCO GAP Secretariat and with an SDG Training Multipliers Handbook for a detailed description of how to prepare, promote, and use these cards to empower young people to ‘be the change’. 
  • Gaia Youth Activities Guide: consists of exercises & facilitation tips to inspire youth to design regenerative societies through awakening the transformational potential of youth. The guide creates conditions to empower youth to be change agents, working towards regenerative futures. 
  • Gaia Schools: Spearheaded by Gaia Kool in Estonia there are an emerging no. of schools with curricula inspired by Gaia Education. Our GaiaYES! And YINT curricula will further these efforts. 

Gaia Education loves to network, co-create and share with youth focussed organisations who are concerned about social, ecological, economic and cultural regeneration. 

For more information contact;

Jane Rasbash, Project Coordinator 

Saskia Rodrigues, Communications manager