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By joining the 'Friends of Gaia Education' program, you help us to work towards a better world.

A programme to help our Friends' efforts become more sustainable

Over the years, Gaia Education's friends have been tirelessly spreading the word about our programs on social media and by word of mouth. We are very grateful for this support. Together we have helped thousands of people around the world to gain the skills and knowledge they need to lead sustainable, regenerative change in their communities.

As Gaia Education continues to flourish, we have created a affiliate partner program called Friends of Gaia Education, which will enable us to redistribute the income Gaia Education generates from your promotional efforts, via affiliate commissions.

You will get access to easy-to-access promotional materials and notifications about upcoming Gaia Education programs and events.

How does it work?

Once your application has been accepted, we'll provide you with unique tracking links and materials to build a successful campaign. When you promote our courses, we can see how many people purchase one of the courses through your unique tracking link. You will be paid 5% of all the sales created through your unique tracking links, as a thank you for your efforts.

How do I receive the commission?

You will receive your money via PayPal upon reaching the minimum € 25 GBP threshold. Please note that payouts are delayed by 60 days after the payment has been received. The delay in the commission payout gives us time to handle it if there are any refunds.

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