The Global Ecovillage Network

The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) catalyzes communities for a regenerative world. GEN is a growing network of regenerative communities and initiatives that bridge cultures, countries, and continents.

GEN builds bridges between policy-makers, governments, NGOs, academics, entrepreneurs, activists, community networks and ecologically-minded individuals across the globe in order to develop strategies for a global transition to resilient communities and cultures.

Our Network has outstanding women leaders at the forefront of community-led strategies for sustainable change. They are key figures in rights and peace movements, poverty reduction, food security, climate change and social justice and are united by an inspiring vision of developing together social, cultural, economic and ecological solutions for a hopeful future. They work at the local level, but also at national and regional levels, weaving their networks and bridging communities and scaling out solutions.

In particular the umbrella Networks of GEN Africa, GENOA (Oceania and Asia) and CASA (the Latin America network) are bursting with powerful and inspirational women, pioneering new approaches to sustainable settlements, livelihoods and ethical trade.

We are showcasing some of their amazing work for this exhibition....

GLOBAL SOUTH GEN WOMEN - hear their voices!

GEN AFRICA Women's Voices

Find out more about the women of Africa using ecovillage principles to support their communities in the Climate Change Age

GENOA Women's Voices

Find out more about the women of Oceania and Asia using ecovillage principles to support their communities in the Climate Change Age

The River of Life Project

Some of the examples above are drawn from GEN's unique River of Life programme - a project, by women for women, around the world, to express their solidarity with each other.

The River of Life matches women in the global North with women in the global South, providing steady financial support for exceptional women leaders in Africa, Asia, and South America to transform their communities.

Freed from worrying about covering their families’ basic expenses, these women follow their passion, intuition and talents to create school gardens, respond to crises, transition their communities to greater resilience, and more. Over 1.700 people have been directly impacted through: 

  • 41 community events, trainings and workshops facilitated, 
  • 12 social enterprises initiated and developed, and 
  • 42 gardens and farms created and supported, 
  • with solutions and hope brought to 62 villages and communities
  • including school gardens and sustainability programs in 114 schools.

Find out more about GEN's River of Life programme