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What Gaia Education does


Gaia Education is a Scotland-based, international provider of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), with a particular focus on community-led initiatives. We have been active in 55 countries and offer online and face-to-face trainings, policy advice, curriculum development and development projects.

Our founding team of sustainability experts created our ground-breaking 4-Dimensional Whole Systems Design approach, which adds a fourth pillar-  Worldview - to the traditional pillars of Social, Ecological, and Economic sustainability. This has a transformational effect on our participants, creating dynamic community change-makers.

As a founding member of ECOLISE, we work with 45 ESD organisations across Europe, working together to amplify our impact via EU Erasmus+ programmes.

We provide expert guidance in accelerating progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are associated with the UN Department of Public Information, were a partner of UNESCO’s Global Action Programme on ESD,  and are a partner of UNITAR, with whom we conduct specialised e-learning trainings. We are members of ECOSOC. 


Our Programmes & Projects

We work in many languages, eg. English, Spanish, and Portuguese, customising courses to local needs.

E-learning programmes

Face-to-Face Programmes


ESD Curriculum Development:

  • Gaia YES!, with 4 EU-based organisations, including Tallinn University, developing a schools’ curriculum & teachers’ handbook based on our 4D ESD curricula
  • Youth in Transition, with 5 EU-based ESD organisations developed an activity book and interactive website to promote sustainable lifestyle choices & active citizenship among hard-to-reach youth using creativity as a main method (Funded by Erasmus+)
  • More info on our other EU projects on this link

Development Projects:

  • We collaborate in international development projects in Europe, Asia and Africa, providing training and ongoing capacity building for climate-affected communities:

Academic Partnerships:

  • We partner with academic institutions to offer credits or joint certificates for courses based on our sustainability curriculum:
  • We provide Masters degree students at UNIFAL-MG Brazil and Goddard College, US, with our GEDS programme as credit towards their degree.
  • We partner with the University of Strathclyde on various certified short courses and SDG trainings (RESD, Water prog.)
  • We are developing a multi-level package, in partnership with international academic partners, to support African nations to achieve their SDG targets. 

For more details and discussions on possible collaboration, contact: Sally Bogale, Co-CEO, sally.bogale@gaiaeducation.org