WWF - ZYCALA Project

WWF Zambia works towards the conservation of Zambia's biodiversity. We support young farmers, especially female farmers, to lead conservation campaigns and to support their communities to transition to regenerative agriculture and ethical trade in order to adapt to and mitigate the Climate Change Age.

In partnership with Gaia Education and YEFI (the Young Emerging Farmers Initiative), and funded by Scottish Government, the Zambia Youth for Conservation, Agriculture and Livelihood Action (ZYCALA) project was launched in 2017, in Central Province, Zambia.

The project has been building the capacity of 420 local youth leaders, mostly young women, to become change agents in youth-led campaigning on social and environmental issues, sustainable income generation and food security actions. The youth change agents have reached over 300,000 provincial youth through campaigns on ecosystems regeneration and regenerative agriculture.


Take a look at some examples of their video campaigns for social media!


ZYCALA Campaign video on making LIquid Manure



More ZYCALA Videos



They have benefitted from Gaia Education’s expertise in community building, agroecology and sustainable livelihoods, WWF Zambia’s mastery of conservation, advocacy and communication, and YEFI’s experience in youth-led programmes and young farmers’ networks, and are now leading their local communities to increased food security and a 40% net increase in income so far, through beekeeping, agro-ecological farming techniques, food preservation, poultry rearing and turmeric cultivation.


The bee-keeping enterprises, in particular, have turned out to be a  big success. The high quality of the honey produced, and the growth and consistency of production, are now attracting international buyers!




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