The ZYCALA beekeeper’s vision is to become one of the leading youth-led producers and exporters of organic honey in Africa and attracting international markets for the purpose of conservation and improved livelihoods.

In order to realize this vision, the ZYCALA project has empowered 500 beneficiaries in beekeeping practices who produce natural honey that is branded under the name ZYCALA Miombo Honey. The project has also supported the establishment of the ZYCALA Honey House, a facility built for the purpose of processing honey, packaging and storing it to ensure maximum quality of the honey product that does not compromise its organic state. The beekeepers are trained in quality production standards that comply to both National and Global standards of production. ZYCALA honey is also a certified product by the Zambia Bureau of Standards and licensed as a product fit for human consumption. 


Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS)Certifications Team

In a world that’s contributing to increasing amounts of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere; The ZYCALA beekeepers hope to rewrite the narrative and ensure a planet where people can live in harmony with nature by restoring ecosystems and sustainably managing natural resources. In a world where poverty drives the most harmful practices to our environment, the ZYCALA beekeepers choose to look for sustainable income sources through honey production and the export market.

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