Green Lady Vietnam - A social enterprise about women and environment

When Minh Ngoc participated in an Ecovillage Design Education Course in Thailand in 2016, she was introduced to Eco Femme - a social enterprise focusing on menstrual products and women empowerment based in Auroville. She was amazed and inspired by how women are dealing with menstruation differently. After returning to Vietnam, she decided to start her own social enterprise to empower women in dealing with menstrual cycles in an eco-friendly way. Her social enterprise became a pioneering brand in eco-friendly menstrual products and has grown into one of the leading brands in Vietnam.


Vision: Every girl and woman value menstruation, love themselves and live in harmony with nature

Mission: Green Lady Vietnam produces and distributes menstrual products that are good for health and environment. GLVN also organise free workshops, events about menstruation and environment for the community so that everyone take care of themselves and reduce waste to the environment

Their products serve to reduce the impact on the environment through:

  • Reusable pads
  • No packaging
  • Natural washing soap of 100% coconut oil and lemongrass scent to clean the pads while being friendly to skin and the water
  • Menstrual cups that can be used up to 10 years 
  • Reusing bags and boxes. Last year, we ran a small campaign on our Facebook to collect bags and boxes
  • Minimizing any plastic glue or tape (using paper glue if absolutely necessary) 
  • Shipping without plastic cover (using pieces of carton paper instead)
  • Asking customers to return tea bottles to reuse them